Welcome to Swank Kitty!
Welcome to Swank Kitty!
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Store update + pet beds are coming!

Pet Beds Store News

Hey, y'all. Just a wee update on Swank Kitty's progress.

We've finalized paperwork with North Carolina and can now charge you sales tax! I know, right?! That's not very exciting, but it is a necessary evil. Now that we've taken care of that, my next step will be to merge my Etsy store and this one on Shopify. Hoot hoot!

Hamby and Mr Norman testing the new cat bed designIn other good news, I'm finalizing my pet bed patterns, as modeled in the photo by my cat Hamby and her bed-thief little brother Mr. Norman. Silly furkids! Those two are my main test cats, though over time we'll have other patterns to try out so stay tuned for opportunities to get free samples. I'll be creating a list of crochet pattern testers, too, for those interested in making your own crochet goods.

A hearty thanks to the pet moms who are currently giving the pet beds a test run. I've asked them to wash the beds, as needed, and to report back. We've got a hedgehog, a chihuahua and a couple of cats getting snuggly as I write. So far the consensus is that the beds are comfy, so that's a big plus.

And that's it, our wee store update. More soon. <3

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