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Welcome to Swank Kitty!
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Well, hello! (er, I'm new here ... *looks around*)

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Hi. My name is Rhiannon Fionn and I'm new here. Rhiannon Fionn of Swank Kitty

I am not new to selling things, though. In high school, I managed a store (Heaven's Angels and Scents) at the mall in my hometown and also a kiosk or two. Then, in college, I managed off-campus bookstores in Montgomery, AL, and Atlanta, GA. So, like I say, I'm not new to managing a store or to retail, but I am new to doing those things online and also to being the creator of the goods I'm selling and also the staff and webmaster and, and, and ... but, what the hell? Right?!

So ... *nervous fidgeting* Eeek! Here we go!

There's really a lot to it -- opening any kinda store. Here in North Carolina, there's one department for registering your company, another for registering it again if it's a "doing business as" (DBA)*, and another to apply for the privilege of charging you sales tax.

Then there's establishing a web presence and a social media presence and learning how to avoid 'internet jail' should you goof on an advertising rule you may or may not have known about.

Oh, and then there's the fun part, the part that started all of this: Making things that I hope you'll appreciate and want to hold in your own two hands. (Also could be read as, "Help! I can't stop crocheting!")

All in all, and as you know, starting a big project of any kind can be a daunting task. But it's doable; most anything is doable.

And here's where I'll pause to thank SARK. (That's Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, the author who publishes books in technicolor). Years ago, at a retreat, she taught me about "micro goals." (Learn more at PlanetSark.com.) In sum: If you can do something for 10 minutes at a time then you can compound that effort into amazing things. So, thank you, SARK! I'm inching toward my many big, humongous goals thanks in large part to micro goals.

Since the idea for Swank Kitty sparked, something I've enjoyed is learning about those who have come before me ... the designers, the bloggers, the authors, the magazine publishers, the yarn companies, the podcasters ... so many people have inspired me to this point where I'm poking my head out of my shell to say hello.

One of the important things I've learned is that there is no one way to do anything, another thing I've learned is that there are many shades of success. Also, I'm definitely not going to cover everything in one blog post ... but I am looking forward to the journey, to offering shoutouts to some of the cool people I mentioned above, and to sharing my creative work with you.

So, "Hi!" Nice to make your acquaintance.

One of my new weekly micro goals is to post here on Thursdays so that I can update you on what's going on with Swank Kitty and Dope Kitty -- my brand of organic catnip -- and life in general.

One of my big goals is to have all of my current inventory online by Oct. 1, 2018. It's gonna be a busy summer! I've got things to repurpose into fairy lights and shawls to bead and, well, you'll see. Did I mention the crazy amount of yarn I have in stock right now?!

So, hang tight -- I'm a one-woman operation and trying to at least pretend to be good at that whole work-life balance thing -- there is a lot more to come.

Until next week,

Happy day,


*Swank Kitty is DBA to Rigantona Creates LLC which is registered in North Carolina.

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