Welcome to Swank Kitty!
Welcome to Swank Kitty!
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One of the things that I enjoy about crochet is that it is an ancient art form, so when I create something new, or -- better -- teach someone else how to crochet, I feel a sense of connection to our ancestors, and that makes me happy.

While crochet's exact origins are a mystery, what we know for sure is that people have been using a hook and string of some sort to make pragmatic things since time immemorial. (Learn more about crochet's history from the Crochet Guild of America.)

Another really cool thing about crochet is how modern it's become. Have trouble with a stitch? No problem, someone has probably posted a video tutorial on YouTube. Want to show off what's on your hook? Easy peasy; there are plenty of Facebook groups for that, and Instagram is always a fun place to share your work. Want an updated, geometric, bright and colorful pattern? Bet you can find one on a variety of websites.

The internet also helps us connect with each other. Whether you've connected with a local crochet group or you're a hashtag queen, there's no doubt that our modern world has created new ways for us to practice this ancient fiber art, perhaps even with folks we might never have met were it not for the internet. Heck, you can even listen to podcasts while you 'stitch and bitch' via live stream. Who knows what technology will bring us next? And I think it's all so very cool.

When I began thinking about creating Swank Kitty I wasn't connected to any of the modern crochet world, though. It was just me and my yarn and hooks trying to stitch my way out of a difficult period in my life. So, all of these bells and whistles, if you will, are new and welcome in my world, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface.

Coming Up

I'll return to this topic more in the future. For now, I just wanted to acknowledge how inspired I am by all of the creative crocheters I am running into online.

In the future, I'd like to interview some of those folks for this blog as well as highlight some of the goings on happening around the interwebs -- like with this month's #StitchStressAway campaign from the Craft Yarn Council. I'd like to share videos and all sorts of things. (So many things! Woo hoo!)

Isn't it great to be overwhelmed with inspiration? That's how I feel right now.

An Update

As far as what's going on behind the scenes with Swank Kitty, things are progressing. I'm still waiting on some paperwork from my state so that I can properly apply sales tax to sales, I'm organizing my inventory and taking photographs so that I can get it all online this summer, and I am crocheting away on several items including my new dragonfly shawl and some pet beds that I will unveil to you over the next few weeks.

So, stay tuned ... there is a lot more to come.

What do you think?

I would love to know what crochet-related podcasts, websites, social media accounts ... and more ... you're interested in. So please chime in via the comments. I look forward to virtually meeting you.

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