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Birthday Yarn!

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My birthday is tomorrow so I think it's time to do a little yarn shopping!

I've found a cute summer vest pattern that calls for an impressive amount of "light fingering" yarn, preferably cotton or linen.

If you're new to crochet or knitting you might have raised eyebrows right now, and I don't blame you. Light fingering? That sounds, uh ... wtf, over?

One of the big hurdles in crocheting is learning the lingo, and part of that is figuring out what yarn to buy ... and to do that you need to know what type of yarns your patterns are calling for in their intro instructions.

Let me -- and Ravelry.com -- help you around this learning curve. Ravelry has a handy chart for you right here.

I'm a crochet person, and if you are I want you to know that you shouldn't worry that the crochet column is empty. That's because your patterns will discuss gauge, and we will too in future blog posts.

So, having figured out that I needed 1,200 yards of light fingering yarn in cotton or linen that's what I looked for when my friend Marissa -- a.k.a. the beautiful and talented Bead.Diva --  introduced me to Darn Good Yarn.

There I found exactly what I was looking for in a nice, neutral light grey linen. And I also found a way to make a positive difference in the world with my yarn purchases. Check out Darn Good Yarn's story and see for yourself.

I'll let you know when the vest is ready for sale. If all goes well, it's going to be a 3X ... because curvy ladies are swanky, too.

Until next week,

Happy day,


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